Through our US-UK network, we source, develop and manage early/mid-stage healthcare technology companies focused on DiagnosticsDigital health and Therapeutics.


We are focused on providing management support for our investments which can involve senior team members at NetScientific taking leadership roles in portfolio companies, in the early stages of investment, to build out dedicated management teams.

Tackling the biggest challenge in healthcare

Our focus is on chronic diseases

 89m people

89.1 million people with the major 4 chronic conditions live in the US. A growing figure due to ageing populations

$1.7tn spend

$1.7 trillion already being spent each year fighting chronic conditions in US

€700bn / year

European spend on chronic diseases yearly EUR 700 billion


86% of deaths in Europe are due to chronic diseases
(Source: European Commission – Health and Consumers Directorate – General 2014)


Cancer is one of the world’s biggest killers, with approx. 14 million new cases and 8.2 million deaths a year.



Cardiovascular diseases account for 31% of all deaths worldwide

(Source: WHO)

Healthcare investment strategy

Building businesses that fight chronic diseases on three fronts

Digital Health

Using data to provide clinical grade actionable insight.


Novel highly specific tests to provide earlier diagnosis, accurate monitoring of disease progression and the ability to personalize therapy based on an understanding of an individuals ability to respond to treatment.


Novel mechanisms of actions, new targeted delivery methods and safe but highly personalized therapeutic options to significantly improve or cure the disease.

Next generation healthcare technologies

Solutions that can make a real difference to healthcare payors facing increasing pressure from social burden

Business model

The business strategy is based on funding and building game-changing healthcare technology companies towards value inflection points and eventual exit including through a trade sale or public listing.


The Group sources opportunities from global institutions, leading technology incubators and its deep healthcare network. In the early stages of the company’s development the Group provides extensive management support including technical guidance, administrative support, legal, IP and commercial expertise.



As companies mature through key milestones the Group will recruit experienced industry leading CEOs to drive the next phase of growth, attract additional external capital and secure favourable exits.


The Group aims to grow the equity value of its interests in its portfolio companies through various key value inflection points such as clinical trials, regulatory approvals, collaborative funding arrangements, first revenues and follow-on growth. In turn, these value inflection points create exit or out-licensing opportunities for the Group through trade sales, licensing arrangements with larger market participants or IPOs.

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