Financial Results


NetScientific Plc Annual General Meeting – 24th June 2020

Result of Proxy voting at AGM


ResolutionVotes CastVotes Cast% of Votes Cast% of Votes Cast
1. Receive Annual Report and Accounts47,624,0060100%0%
2. Approve Directors' Remuneration Report47,622,95498799.998%0.002%
3. Reappoint Auditors47,624,0060100%0%
4. Authorise Audit Committee determining Auditors' remuneration47,624,0060100%0%
5. Reappoint John Clarkson47,622,95498799.998%0.002%
6. Reappoint Ilian Iliev47,622,95498799.998%0.002%
7. Authorise Directors to Allot Shares47,622,95498799.998%0.002%
8. Disapply Pre-exemption Rights47,622,95498799.998%0.002%

NB: Percentage of Votes cast excludes Withheld votes

Financial Results - NetScientific