NetScientific’s business model is based on identifying, investing in, and helping to build game-changing companies in the life sciences and sustainability areas. We target tangible value inflection points and eventual release of value through partial or full exits through trade sales or public listing. We work pro-actively with the companies to get through these value inflection points, to the point where we can release value through various exit options. We use a leveraged investment model, whereby NetScientific’s balance sheet investments are leveraged through syndication and partnering with other investors.

Investment Strategy

NetScientific is a life sciences, technology investment and commercialisation Group, leveraging trans-Atlantic relationships and global opportunities to deliver shareholder value.

NetScientific works with early-stage companies to fast-track their commercialisation and investment readiness. We do this through our multi-disciplinary team, our corporate finance specialist subsidiary EMV Capital, and an ecosystem of specialist advisors and service providers. We help to build businesses based on core technological innovation, commercialization roadmap and pragmatic execution of plans, and execution generating tangible economic value for their chosen sectors.

The companies we work with have access to the right type of funding and proactive management support specific to their sector, stage of development and opportunities. Our subsidiary company, EMV Capital ( is a corporate finance specialist and works alongside our portfolio companies to develop a customized investment strategy for each portfolio company and provide access to a blend of private, corporate and institutional finance sources. We leverage our network of corporate relationships both to validate the opportunities and to accelerate the growth of the Portfolio Companies.

Share Price

Annual Results 2021 from Investor Meet Company Webinar

Results and company update from the annual report and accounts 2021.

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