Insight Photonics

Insight has developed an Akinetic, all semiconductor laser: a platform technology with a step-change in performance for multiple applications including Industrial maintenance and processes monitoring for resource efficiency, LiDAR, and Medical Imaging.

Laser imaging currently relies on Time-Of-Flight measurement, measuring the timing of light pulses hitting target and returning to receiver. This method has inherent limitations that has prevented 3D imaging quality improvements and application of technology within new sectors.

Alternative methods require lasers to sweep across a range of frequencies, with incumbent technologies relying on kinetic technology which suffer from low speed, low durability, and susceptibility to vibration and shocks.

Insight Photonics has developed a solid state all-semiconductor akinetic swept laser chip which can image faster (2-20x), with higher resolution (10x), and with higher sensitivity (10-100x) than current competitors, using Optical Coherence Technology (OCT).

Akinetic operation results in greater durability and reliability than competitive OCT solutions, whilst also offering higher quality output at broad range of wavelengths. No moving or thermally operated elements allows for faster response-times and greater flexibility with software-controlled activity.

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