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Longevity Biotech (LBT) is developing a new class of innovative therapeutics based on the patented Hybridtide® platform technology. Hybridtides are based on a unique synthetic peptide scaffold that provides critical enhancements and is differentiated compared to other peptide scaffolds. The most important feature of this breakthrough technology is the prospect of oral delivery of Hybridtide-based peptide therapeutics. Our goal is to remove the frequent injections required for traditional biologic therapeutics and switch them into pill form.


Importantly, Hybridtides are highly stabilized (structurally and digestively) linear peptides that allow for the pursuit of complex molecular targets and protein-protein interfaces. We expect these drug candidates to become breakthrough treatments in their respective therapeutic areas as each program focuses on an entirely new way to treat disease. LBT’s candidates display unique attributes that are expected to provide either first-in-class or best-in-class product profiles in their respective indication. The Hybridtide technology has been developed by Prof. Sam Gellman at the University of Wisconsin – Madison and has been widely published in leading journals.


Longevity Biotech has multiple therapeutic programs based on the Hybridtide® core technology, including: LBT-3627, a novel neuroprotective agent for Neuroinflammatory diseases (e.g. Parkinson’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis); LBT-6030, a Gastric Inhibitory Polypeptide dual agonist that targets the validated glucagon receptor for Diabetes; along with other preclinical programs targeting severe asthma (5A apoA-I mimetic); HIV (a GP41 fusion inhibitor) in addition to unnamed oncology and cholesterol programs. Meanwhile, the Hybridtide scaffold is available for specific partnership opportunities, please contact the Business Development team (BD@LongevityBiotech.com) for more information.


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