The Company is developing a targeted radiopharmaceutical cancer treatment called Oncocidia. This innovative treatment involves extending the already successful use of Iodine-131 in treating thyroid cancer to treat solid cancers (primary and metastatic) elsewhere in the body. Iodine-131 is used to label the necrosis avid agent hypericin. Hypericin targets necrosis in a tumour and carries the therapeutic agent Iodine-131 to the tumour, where it is able to kill any remaining tumour cells by localized, short range (2-3mm) beta irradiation.  Oncocidia is administered in micro-dose quantities, minimizing chemotoxicities.  Extensive programs of in vitro and in vivo research have been undertaken and published, and a clinical standard formulation of the compound has been developed.


Oncocidia Limited was set up to take this treatment into clinical trials, with funding provided by London based technology commercialization company CetroMed Limited.

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