PDS Biotechnology


PDS Biotech (NASDAQ: PDSB) is a clinical-stage immunotherapy company with a growing pipeline of cancer immunotherapies and infectious disease vaccines based on the Company’s proprietary Versamune® T-cell activating technology platform. PDS Biotech was established with the goal of addressing some of the limitations of cancer immunotherapy, including the ability to train the immune system to effectively induce adequate numbers of powerful disease-attacking killer T-cells, and to overcome the tumor’s ability to evade or suppress T-cell attack. This followed the discovery that certain positively charged cationic lipids can activate the immune system.Versamune® effectively delivers diseasespecific antigens for in vivo uptake and processing, while also activating the critical type 1 interferon immunological pathway, resulting in production of potent disease-specific killer T-cells as well as neutralizing antibodies. PDS Biotech has engineered multiple therapies, based on combinations of Versamune® and disease-specific antigens, designed to train the immune system to better recognize disease cells and effectively attack and destroy them.

NetScientific invested in PDS in December 2014. In 2019 PDS became NASDAQ-listed through a reverse merger with Edge Therapeutics. For the latest news on PDS Biotechnology, please refer to PDS Biotechnology News Center

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