CytoVale is pioneering a new class of biomarkers. Disease states dramatically alter cells’ mechanical properties through changes in nuclear and cytoskeletal structure. Until now, it has been impossible to measure these changes quickly and reliably enough to translate basic research observations into clinical utility. Using microfluidics, CytoVale can measure >10 biophysical cell markers at rates higher than 2000 cells/second, providing a high throughput, low-cost method of detecting disease.

This Mechanomics Platform, consisting of a benchtop instrument and disposable disease-specific sample cartridges, has been academically validated with clinical samples in the laboratory of co-founder (and UCLA Professor) Dino Di Carlo and published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Commercialization is driven by co-founder and CEO Ajay Shah, a successful entrepreneur and an expert in cell-based diagnostics, and Mara MacDonald, a Harvard-trained scientist with a background in venture capital.

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