Vortex “As a clinician, I am excited about accessing the cancer biology of patient’s through CTCs. Vortex’s technology provides the best source of CTCs to aid in the diagnostic and treatment decisions we face every day.” – Dr. Jonathan Goldman, MD, Director of Clinical Trials in Thoracic Oncology, Associate Director of Drug Development at UCLA “Improving CTCs recovery along with high cellular purity while maintaining viability have tremendous value for translational research and clinical diagnostic applications. The VTX-1 holds the potential to revolutionize blood-based diagnostics.” - Pr. Massimo Cristofanilli, MD, FACP, Professor of Medicine, Associate Director of Translational Research and Precision Medicine, Robert H Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center, Feinberg School of Medicine Wanda J. Cribbs, Lead Gartner Analyst Population Health & Analytics says: "Wanda's recent HRS press release really stands out. Delivering those results and having a client publicly share credit with their vendor is rare and says a lot. We at Gartner will have our eyes on Wanda in 2018"

G-Tech Medical

G-Tech Medical is developing a wireless, wearable, disposable patch which will help diagnose the root causes of Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders (‘FGIDs’). FGIDs afflict more than 60 million people annually in the US and are a large burden to the health care system.

The G-Tech patch will measure and characterize the activity of the main digestive organs under normal daily conditions to help pinpoint the source of the dysfunction. It will allow physicians to quickly determine that a functional problem exists, in many cases allowing them to skip the current invasive, expensive anatomic testing sequence. By identifying the specific source and nature of the dysfunction it will enable them to more effectively target their therapies, bringing relief to patients faster and at lower cost.


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