Q-Bot was founded in 2012 with the objective of using robotics, artificial intelligence and digital tools to revolutionise the construction industry and improve the health of buildings. Q-Bot’s technology includes solutions for install and asset management which allows the building to be digitised, which empowers decision making, assures quality and reduces cost. Q-Bot has also commercialised the first affordable and scalable solution for the retrofit of insulation to suspended timber floors, with a unique robotic device to apply insulation in situ. The solution is fully accredited by the BBA and meets all relevant building regulations. Q-Bot’s underfloor insulation is cheaper, performs better and has none of the hassle and disruption of the other alternatives. In a highly competitive insulation market, robots and digital tools empower workers to make them more productive, accountable and safer.

Q-Bot was supported by the Royal Commission for the Exhibition for 1851 and Mathew Holloway, Q-Bot’s CEO, was awarded an Industrial Fellowship in 2014. This award fostered links with Imperial College London and the Dyson School of Design Engineering supporting the development of the technology. Q-Bot has been supported by a number of organisations including BEIS, Innovate UK, EMV Capital, ClearlySo, WealthClub, Foundamental and Saint Gobain.

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